Since 2011, our marketers and programmers at ClickKingsMedia have used their combined 50 years of experience to help owners of small and large businesses achieve e-commerce success. Whether a business owner has a start-up or a business that has been around for decades, our team can provide the knowledge, hands-on experience and connections the client needs to come up with a custom solution designed to help the business grow and prosper.

We created ClickKingsMedia after realizing that thousands of shops around the Web do not reach their target markets as much as possible. With our e-commerce-based ad network and marketing solutions, we focus on ways to monetise content. We create target pages for client products and services with native ads designed to achieve the highest user engagement in a personalized target advertising strategy. Our team is filled with foot soldiers, so to speak, who make it their mission to improve the performance of each and every page. They know that a single e-commerce shop will not stand out among the thousands of similar shops on the Web unless they are inventive when searching for ways to advertise and generate user interest and response. Our highly trained professionals are committed to creating text, colors, fonts and structures in ways designed to attract Internet users to our clients’ specific products. Without our KINGS of Content providing these and other direct response marketing services that monetise content, there would be no ClickKingsMedia.

In the online e-commerce vertical, unique content and user engagement strategies are often far apart: One business owner might buy product-focused written content. Another owner might buy product ad-units and banners. At ClickKingsMedia, we combine strategies so that the ad-units are already built into the content! These native ads are an organic option that are more attractive to a client’s potential and existing customers. Once an Internet user performs the client-desired action, the user sees the product on a custom landing page that features content solely optimized for conversion. This entire conversion flow – from the click to the shopping cart – can be built to begin with any type of content, including a news, reference or blog site. More importantly, the content will seem as if it was written by the client! Our solution is more simple, elegant and clever than other solutions online. We have found a way to promote products for any Web shop owner in a more personal manner that pitches and sells a product or service in an equally personal way.

We also believe that every shop should have an online presence that improves its brand reputation. We have created a product development services program that we can customize to a client’s specific needs and challenges to reduce costs, increase revenues, improve word-of-mouth advertising and generate positive brand impressions. This program includes product development, marketing strategy and UX consultancy. With the UX consultancy, our team takes into account the total user experience with a business and its products and services and then creates the highest level of engagement by merging all of a client’s services and online customer interaction points into an attractive and easy-to-navigate customer-focused design. We offer each client suggestions that help make that client’s website, products and services better reflect the client’s brand and create a more overall positive experience.

We also offer performance marketing where clients only pay us when our solutions work for them as expected. With this service, we utilize a conversion optimization system to increase traffic and client-desired user actions. Additionally, we offer affiliate marketing services that include setup and management of a client’s affiliate program and Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Click and Cost Per Mille measurement models.

Lastly, we recognize that shoppers are using email and mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, now more than ever. As people increase the speed of their lives through faster communications and portability, they are changing how they find and shop for products and services. As already mentioned, improving user engagement from the client end is critical for the success of a Web shop. We offer email and mobile/tablet marketing services designed to optimize communications and mobile trends. With email marketing, our team can set up a Customer Relationship Management platform and provide mobile data procurement, database management and deliver-ability and market analysis services. With mobile/tablet marketing, our team believes in going the extra mile. We provide mobile data procurement, creative strategies and campaign targeting and optimization. We also help our clients develop direct response apps that increase their interactions with their target audience.

We believe that every Web shop owner can improve their business success with a few key changes to how they connect to and engage Internet users. Contact us today for more information!


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"It’s quite inspiring to work with a team that is so dedicated on shopping cart conversions. ClickKingsMedia is always keen to know more, learn more from our product to optimise better… even when we were already performing well!"

− Emilian Popa – Jumia

"I didn’t know much about native advertisement and how it could help generate more sales on our portal. Now I feel I know everything. The support and commitment from the ClickKingsMedia team is a great experience on its own. And the conversions are a big bonus."

− Tim James – Photobox

"When it comes to e-commerce, these guys know what they're doing. ClickKingsMedia was clear and transparent throughout the process and got us the results they aimed for. We set the bars high from the start and I admire how they keep meeting expectations."

− Jessica Yang – Ali-Express